5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy


05th September 2017 Anushka BoseBlog

Marketing strategies, campaigns and techniques are changing with every passing day. The world of commerce is moving more and more to a digital marketplace. Promoting your business in a digital way is equally important with publishing ads and campaigns on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Digital marketing does not need to be a huge document. It is easy and effortless. A simple table linking your strategy to what is called SMART (Specific-Achievable-Realistic-Time- Related), a set of objectives making intentions easy to understand. Industry trends and statistics shows digital marketing actually works regardless of the size of the company.

We have outlined best five undeniable reasons why your brand needs Digital Marketing for a better growth, popularity, leads, audience and traffic.


Little resource and capital is no longer a problem, because digital marketing provides a much better and cost-effective marketing channel delivering very good results. Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report highlights that up to 40% of the respondents claimed getting considerable savings by using digital marketing for promotion and marketing services. Digital marketing gives full freedom to work with more flexibility. An internet connection, computer, a well-designed website and proper marketing plan is all you need to run your digital campaign. No more door to door advertisements. It is not only cost effective but saves a lot of time.



There’s a fast growth and movement of consumers towards digital marketing. The customers are inclined on searching any information or research on the internet. The concept of search engine has taken a great role in the today’s life. It is vital for the companies’ work to be visible on these digital searches as they engage the customers and work to influence their purchasing decision provided by valuable information. Search engine and digital marketing is the only tool that modern consumers use to make an informed purchasing decision. Social, mobile and blog has left a great impact on consumers. All of these digital marketing tactics work together to help your brand deliver information to consumers looking for products or services. For companies not engaged into digital marketing misses a great opportunity to reach customers.



Digital marketing allows tracking of success of marketing campaigns. This helps brands see their statistics on what is working and what ids not. This is helpful for the companies for measuring their returns accurately on investments, helps in identifying areas for improvement and work to create a more successful image online. Digital marketing has made tracking monitoring data at fingertips. Analytic tools and software, business owners and marketers can test different ad content to see what resonates best with target audience. By having access to real-time analytics, changes can be done to improve campaigns before wasting any more money on ineffective tactics. By reviewing these analytics periodically, the marketing budget can be optimized by allocating more to the budget to the tactics that provides the best result.



Interactive videos and tailored product recommendations gives a more personalized experience. Online video is a part of consumer’s daily life. Videos has made a great opportunity for brands to engage their target audience, grab the attention, inform and entertain. A consumer is more likely to buy from a brand if they have experienced personalized shopping. Personalization includes product recommendation, repeat sales, cross-sell and up-sells. The data provided in online marketing plays a great role. Digital marketing offers personalized recommendations based on the behavior of the users. Often customers leave the site without any action, that is when digital marketing offers re-serving personalized ad content to consumers who have not yet followed through their purchase, helping you stay on top of mind and work to encourage their future purchasing.


Your competitors are doing it! It is vital to keep up with the competitors. Most of them are already using digital marketing strategies to reach new leads, customers and influence purchasing decision. Blogging is one of the best way to engage the target audience. For gaining organic or unpaid traffic, modern brands are using paid digital marketing strategies to reach out to the customers. The more increase in the spend on the strategies, the more the number of audience. E-marketers 2016 predictions forecast shows an increase in digital ad spending to reach $23 billion by the year 2020. Digital marketing is here to stay forever. It is important to integrate digital marketing tactics into the company’s overall marketing strategy to be on the top of the search engine’s list.

With the influx of internet revolution and technological boom the importance of digital marketing is amplifying with each passing day. We, at Onclave Systems promise to give you the best digital marketing strategies within your affordable budget, we make sure you get the best results from digital marketing strategies. Our customers are our key concern. To start a successful Digital marketing Strategy with guaranteed returns, contact us today!